[DeTomaso] Vented/Slotted Front Rotors for Pantera For Sale

Mike Drew MikeLDrew at aol.com
Tue Jan 19 19:30:17 EST 2021


The rotors were cryogenically treated which supposedly makes them better to withstand high temps without warping. 

Lori has a set on her car. They work exceptionally well. They are marginally larger in diameter than the stock discs which precludes the use of the pad anti-rattle springs. Their offset is also microscopically different, which is dealt with by eliminating the De Tomaso shim used between the caliper and spindle, which was used because the stock rotor offset was wrong!

If you use your stock brakes hard enough to induce fade, these will go a long way towards combating it with minimal expense and effort.

Two thumbs up. 


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> On Jan 19, 2021, at 15:35, Mike & Elizabeth <mbefthomas2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>   A few years back Mike Drew a couple of group buys of replacement front
>   rotors for the Pantera.  For some senior moment reason, I ordered two
>   sets and now have one I need to sell.  They are slotted and vented, and
>   I believe they also had an option to treat the metal for durability the
>   details of which escape me at this I can take a picture or two if
>   you're interested.
>   $250 + shipping for the pair.
>   Mike Thomas
>   Panteras Northwest.
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