[DeTomaso] How much has EFI advanced over the past few years?

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Sat Oct 28 13:02:50 EDT 2017

If this is a Cleveland, what heads and intake are your running?  Picture?

Doug Braun
Bleu 73L #5505

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The FAST XFI 2.0 port injected system that I am using has a wide band oxygen
sensor and two MAP sensors. One is used for real time barometric pressure
readings. There is also a low oil pressure shut off, which I really like
because I do track the car once in a while and like that added safety
feature. It can do data logging and the on dash display tells you everything
that is going on with the system. It has the capability of storing and using
four different tunes. All you need to do is select the tune that you want
before starting the engine. I haven't actually tried the feature yet, but it
might be something that I may do in the future. My thought was to set up an
economy driving program.

These aftermarket systems have come a long way in the last ten years, but
the factories are staying ahead of them with their direct injection systems
and cylinder deactivation. I will never go back with a carburetor on my
Pantera and actually like the challenge of learning about fuel injection
even at my age.

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