[DeTomaso] Air Flow

Jack Donahue demongusta at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 17:20:30 EST 2017

As you can see, I’m confused. 

   If the original design was to PULLING air IN (with a sucker fan),  it seems to be fighting the vacuum created by the forward motion of the car -  which is PULLING air OUT.  As the speed increases, so does the vacuum - so pretty soon (at ? speed) you have a stalemate - the fan sucking air inward equalling the vacuum pulling air outward. Condenser = no workee.
At low speed, with sucker fan on and very little vacuum pulling air out, I can imagine air coming in, going  through the condenser, and either going under the car (and pushed out the rear by the under-car airflow) AND/OR going over the bed liner and out the cockpit screen. Maybe depending on presence the bed liner?

                                    See if any of this makes sense:

Bucket IN - low mph  - low (if any) vacuum - sucker fan on - air comes in, through the condenser - and exits out the bottom and  blown away, or maybe it goes OVER the bucket and out the screen? 

Bucket IN - higher speed (60 mph?)  -  more vacuum - sucker fan on - little (if any) air coming in since the vacuum is PULLING against the sucker fan and the condenser getting a lot less air. At this rate, and maybe at some speed, there is NO air coming across the condenser at all - it’s all being pulled away by the vacuum at the rear of the moving car. 

Bucket OUT - low mph, - low (if any) vacuum-  sucker fan on  -  air comes in the engine bay, through the condenser, and out the vent screen behind the cockpit.

Bucket OUT - higher speed (60 mph?) - more vacuum - sucker fan on - no air coming through the condenser - at some magical speed(?), the bucket doesn’t matter - it’s the same as Bucket IN (above), i.e. - no air movement.

As the speed increases, and more vacuum created at the rear, would this have a tendency to pull air out from UNDER the engine bay? 

It just seems more logical to PUSH the air OUT and INTO the vacuum, and have things working in the same direction.



> On Dec 27, 2017, at 9:54 AM, JFFR <pantera at vtc.net> wrote:
> The air flows out of the engine cover screen. Before I went to a sealed air box and side scoops I had a raised engine cover screen. I placed some streamers on it and had my wife follow me in another vehicle. Before the car got up to 15 mph, the streamers were parallel with the read deck lid. The air flows from under the car and out of the engine cover stream.
> The air conditioning condenser fan is designed to pull air in from the back of the car. As it was already stated here, at high speeds there is a vacuum at the rear of the car that can reduce the air flow through the condenser. The system is designed to have the trunk liner installed. Perhaps if you ran with the trunk liner out of the car and used a pusher fan, you might get enough air flow through the condenser to make it work.
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