[DeTomaso] Air Flow

JFFR pantera at vtc.net
Wed Dec 27 18:59:03 EST 2017

The short answer is that after about 100 mph the fan pulling air into 
the condenser becomes a problem because of the vacuum at the rear of the 
car. Below that speed it does ok if everything else in the system is 
correct. I worked on a Pantera one time that had the original condenser 
fan wired backwards and the fan was pushing air through the condenser. 
With the trunk liner installed in the car the air condition system would 
hardly do anything with the car moving.

I don't have a rear mounted condenser in my Pantera anymore. It is in 
front of the radiator and it works great at any speed and outside 
ambient temperature. This year on my way back from the Monterey POCA 
rally it did a great job going through the desert in Arizona where the 
temperature was 110 degrees. I installed an oil cooler where the 
condenser was and I am using a sucker fan on it and it does a good job also.

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