[DeTomaso] Air Flow

JFFR pantera at vtc.net
Wed Dec 27 12:54:42 EST 2017

The air flows out of the engine cover screen. Before I went to a sealed 
air box and side scoops I had a raised engine cover screen. I placed 
some streamers on it and had my wife follow me in another vehicle. 
Before the car got up to 15 mph, the streamers were parallel with the 
read deck lid. The air flows from under the car and out of the engine 
cover stream.

The air conditioning condenser fan is designed to pull air in from the 
back of the car. As it was already stated here, at high speeds there is 
a vacuum at the rear of the car that can reduce the air flow through the 
condenser. The system is designed to have the trunk liner installed. 
Perhaps if you ran with the trunk liner out of the car and used a pusher 
fan, you might get enough air flow through the condenser to make it work.

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