[DeTomaso] How To Build The Ultimate Pantera

Don Thomas dt at ieee.org
Mon Jan 10 00:00:19 EST 2011


Also check out the pantera Wiki for ideas, mods and information...


Rob Dumoulin wrote:

> There is such a much wealth of collective knowledge on this site and the
> entire Pantera community.
> Wouldn't it be great to have a way that, by topic, we could collectively
> define the ultimate Pantera upgrades classified as: Best Performance, Most
> Reliable, and Stock Equivalent.  Imagine if there was an information
> repository that had exactly what is needed to update or upgrade your car in
> the many, many, categories we all have gained expertise in (Cooling, Engine
> Swaps, Suspension, Electrical, Tire/Rims, Brakes, Cabin, Fuel, Steering, and
> the list goes on).
> I have no idea how this could occur, but I for one would support and cherish
> this resource. Any thoughts?
> Rob "tired of reinventing the wheel" DuMoulin
> #1488
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