[DeTomaso] gas tank question

MikeLDrew at aol.com MikeLDrew at aol.com
Tue Sep 4 11:42:27 EDT 2007

In a message dated 9/4/07 8 34 36, chrisvkimball at msn.com writes:

> If flames shot up from the carb and that vent hose had
> fumes coming out of it from the gas tank, it seems to me that would be an
> invitation for an explosion.

I am very leery of the idea for that very reason.   The factory setup routed 
the hose through a charcoal-filled canister on the passenger side of the car, 
and a second hose then went from the canister to the air filter.   A short 
hose from the tank directy to the air filter might be an invitation to 


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