[DeTomaso] Tony Mantas?

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Mon Jan 25 15:48:41 EST 2021

It certainly puts the 'f' in fugly . . .

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That's Tony _Montana_, mang!
"Say hello to my leedle frang--  ee choostoo be a Pantera but now eets a Bradley GT!"
(Okay anyone-- absolutely feel free to bite my head off for that but you know you were thinking the same thing)  Sent using Hushmail On 1/25/2021 at 7:48 AM, "Charles Engles"  wrote:Dear Jeff,

           Wow.  That picture of Tony Mantas and his personalized Pantera is a very high concentration of Seventies style and sports cars distilled  into one photograph.

           The story and the documentation are very interesting, but the end result proves that it is very hard to surpass Tom Tjaarda's styling with one's own improvements.

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Anybody know anything about this car?



Apparently headed to auction soon.


Jeff #2467

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