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There was an excellent discussion on keeping the original seat belts.  Low roof means a roll-over might crush
you if unable to bend to the side.  I did a 3 turn roll-over in my 944 Porsche and survived. Only because I was 
able to bend over as the roof crushed in. Something to think about.


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    I am fully restoring a late PB down to metal with essentially (miraculously) zero rust at paint stripping except for the battery tray inner corner.  I will be sending photos to the registry once completed and the interval stages with a full report of the work done.  I was wishing to change the seat belt harnesses and weld the plates in for 5 or 6 pt Schroths or Willans, but remain concerned on the legal aspect as DOT is not available for 5 or 6 pt restraints- not withstanding the insurance aspect of things voiding claims.  As for safety, I am a trauma surgeon by trade and acutely aware of the biophysical and kinematic aspects of the impacts- hence why it would appeal to change to newer harnesses.  I have resisted the temptation to modify anything as I am very biased on originality except for brembo brakes that were used in later post Ford years.  I wanted to ask this forum, as I own the original belts, if it would be best for the re webbed DOT to be reinstalled as opposed to placing new harnesses.  It’s the fixed type, far from ideal but as I don’t race, keeping in with originality.  Opinions/ suggestions are very welcome as I am nearing completion of a two years dismount/ nuts and bolts restoration.
    Thanks in advance for any input.

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