[DeTomaso] Best Battery These Days?

Larry Stock larrys at panteraparts.com
Tue Sep 17 17:30:00 EDT 2019

Well said, and ditto

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       Nobody is going to believe this, but--
       I purchased my car in Jan 2006 from Mayberry Lincoln-Mercury with a
       brand new Ford Motorcraft battery.
       It still works like a champ.
       I keep it on a cheap modern electronic charger 24/7.  I pull it out
       once a year to keep the cable connections/terminals/plastic case clean
       and top the cells w/distilled water.
       Sometimes it doesn't need water for another year or two.
       Without diligent charging and good hygiene a batteries' ability to
       accept and maintain a charge slowly declines.  We tend to charge them
       sporadically thinking that it must be good because it accepted a charge
       but this can be an illusion.  Batteries will accept a charge right up
       to the point of death giving us no warning as to its' state of health.
       Surprised and annoyed by our batteries' unexpected death, we head out
       to buy another one while our lady sits around waiting.  After a nice
       drive we return home, park the car and catch a football game.   The new
       battery gets treated like shit just like the last one.
       Take it from a guy who owns several cars and way too many motorcycles.
        I have made every battery mistake that can be made.
       Unless you drive your car at least every other day, the battery is
       going to go bad slowly and imperceptibly over time.  New batteries
       start to go bad sitting on the shelf at AutoZone.  We buy new ones
       thinking that it will easily last through it's warranty but if the
       battery sat in the mfg warehouse and then also at the retail store, it
       is already well on its' way to a premature death.  (Maintaining
       motorcycle batteries in various vintage machines tends give one a slow,
       brutal lesson in battery maintenance).
       Apparently, with my Pantera's Motorcraft unit I must've got lucky with
       a "freshie" that didn't sit around for very long as new.  Either that
       or it is magic.
       Which brand is best?  In my experience, brand means next to nothing.
       Buy the one you think looks cool.  Just keep it clean, keep it charged
       and keep the cells filled.
       (And don't fall for that "sealed/no maintenance required" nonsense)
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       On 9/17/2019 at 6:04 AM, "Mark Pinson via DeTomaso"
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         What's the conventional wisdom on the best, latest and greatest
         battery for our Panteras these days?
         Thanks in advance,
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