[DeTomaso] New California Exhaust Fine - Ford era Panteras exempt

Himes, Terry (397C) Terry.Himes at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Jan 23 12:37:57 EST 2019

Whaaaat!?   Common Sense prevailed ?   

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    Just an update I spotted in a Hot Rod article...  It seems smog exempt vehicles are not subject to the fine.
    Quote from the article..."In conclusion, if you own a car that requires a smog certificate in order to register it (1976 and newer) and you have an exhaust that is loud enough to give law enforcement a reason to pull you over, you’re getting fined! For now, this amendment won’t have any effect on pre-smog era cars (1975 and older). There is a silver-lining though. If you were cited for an illegal exhaust and you believe you weren’t in violation, there is a SEMA-sponsored noise-testing program with the Bureau of Automotive Repair that can dismiss the citation by issuing a certificate of compliance."
    SEMA-sponsored noise-testing program:
    Certificate of compliancehttps://bar.ca.gov/Consumer/Referee_Program/Vehicle_Exhaust_Noise_Level_Certification.html

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