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A few years back I put on a musical show for a friend's Mom on her 100th birthday. Part of my show was to review the time lived down to the second. Figuring in all the leap seconds and years. It was an enjoyable project, to a man like myself who has spent most of his life working with time.

Larry (just slow) - Cleveland

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Well... that depends on whether you are using the earth's rotation (days) or looking at your Atomic watch. We did have a +1sec leapsecond added a year ago. So yeah, the earth is slowing down and your email is slower.  HaHa!!

December 31, 2016:
"The last leap second was added on June 30, 2015 just before midnight UTC. The U.S. Naval Observatory announced last July that a leap second will be added to official timekeeping on December 31, 2016. That means your day and year – and everyone's day and year – will officially be one second longer.Dec 31, 2016"

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    I am sure our JPL friend Terry would be willing to attest and prove that every day is of the same speed 😎, so therein your post must be a test!
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    Test or just a Slow day?


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