[DeTomaso] Nor-Cal Pantera fire update :<(

Mike Drew MikeLDrew at aol.com
Wed Oct 11 14:03:29 EDT 2017

We are getting a lot of help. Driving on the freeway just now I was passed by a convoy of 4x4 fire trucks from Eugene Oregon racing towards the fire 


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> On Oct 11, 2017, at 10:32, Larry-Ohio Time Corp <Larry at ohiotimecorp.com> wrote:
> Mike,
> I too have been worried with all the reports on the news about the fires. I
> know they are only things, but they are also a lifetime of memories attached
> to that stuff too.
> Few things as devastating in life as this.
> God Bless the residents and all of the first responders helping out.
> Larry (Homolak) - Cleveland
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> All,
> I've received a number of inquiries from European owners concerned about 
> the massive wildfires burning relatively near my house, so I thought I'd
> give 
> an update to everyone.
> The attached map shows the burned areas.   My house is indicated by the 
> blue dot in the center right area of the map; we are about 12 miles east
> from 
> the nearest fire, and the winds have shifted from north to south so the fire
> is burning away from us.
> There are numerous PCNC members living in the region who have been affected 
> to various degrees.   Mike Russo is a new owner, and his house was smack in 
> the middle of the large fire region north of Santa Rosa (on the left side 
> of the map).   We just spoke with him; somehow he missed the first 
> notifications and he was awakened at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning and had
> literally only 
> one minute to get out.   His power was out so he wasn't able to normally
> open 
> his garage door, so they jumped in the cars parked in the street and raced 
> away.   Their home, and all their nice cars including their beautiful 
> big-block Pantera, were reduced to ashes. :<(
> Just to the southwest, there are two medium-sized fires with a round fire 
> symbol pictured in between them on the map.   Another new owner, Tom
> Leonard, 
> lives right in between those two fires on the road that runs directly 
> north-south, outside the town of Glen Ellen.   Many of you met him at the 
> Monterey POCA Fun Rally, as he was driving his Ford GT instead of his
> Pantera. He 
> was awakened at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning and ordered to evacuate
> immediately. 
>  He and his wife took the Ford GT and their pickup truck and fled to 
> Petaluma, not all that far away but well away from the danger.   They then
> went 
> back in the pickup to retrieve the Pantera, but the authorities prevented 
> them from returning.   We have been watching the fire maps constantly, and
> it 
> seems as though the 'bulge' on the western edge of the fire on the east side
> of the road is approaching his house.   His road is in a small valley and 
> his house is on the hillside on the eastern side of the road; there is a
> steep 
> hill with a mansion at the top of it behind his house, and the fire is just 
> on the other side of the hill, on the eastern slope, a few hundred yards 
> from the mansion, which is a few hundred yards from his home.   The fires
> are 
> generally moving south so it seems at least possible that his home will be 
> spared and his Pantera will survive, but that is FAR from certain.
> Chuck and Lori Banks live near the large grassy area on the eastern side of 
> Santa Rosa; they are about equidistant between two fires, a mile or so away 
> in either direction.   Last time I spoke with him, he had backed his 
> Pantera out and was poised to make a getaway, and was hosing down his
> property 
> with his garden hose.
> Ron Southern lives on the west side of Sonoma, near Hwy 116, and appears to 
> be relatively safe, but he's not answering his phone, although he did post 
> about Tom on the PI forum yesterday.
> Mike and Nancy Haney live in Napa on the west side of Hwy 29.   They have a 
> large fire on the hill behind them a few miles away, but it seems to be 
> moving south so they are probably safe for now.   I don't know if they have 
> evacuated, and if so, if they took their Pantera (although as it is their
> only 
> collector car, I would certainly hope they would do so).
> Our thoughts go out to all these people, but especially to Mike Russo who 
> literally lost everything he owned in the blink of an eye.:<(
> Mike

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