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Stephen steve at snclocks.com
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Gads I love the fact that we each have our own car to play with!  For me, I
got tired of all the crap that got vacuumed up off the road when one drives
- or, for that matter, all the water when it rains and gets sucked up onto
the engine.  If interested, here is a link to the article I wrote - which is
quite different from the one Jack rewrote and published in one of the POCA

BTW - I hate to say this, but the primary heat removal for the engine is the
radiator - and, above 20 mph, the engine compartment doesn't heat up.  Below
that, the fan I installed keeps it cooler than it would be otherwise...

But, definitely not for everyone.  That's what make these cars great!

And, besides, when done, I really really like the look of the finished deck
lid - without the hole in it.

Each to their own!!!!!  And, thank you ever so kindly Dave and Asa for the
kind words.

Stephen Nelson

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Why on earth would you put a window in the only ventilation the engine get.
Bad idea. 

GoNancy seeing heat rising from THAT opening!

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