[DeTomaso] Fluidyne sensor plugs? - Fan coming on with ignition

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There is no way to know from a distance which switch controls which relay and which fan. 

It’s simple to figure out though. Turn on the key, nite the fan running. Unplug one wire from the top fan switch and if the fan shuts off, you have found the culprit. If it keeps going the presumption is then that the lower temp switch has failed. It will take a bit more work, but you can reach around from inside the wheelwell and unplug one wire from the bottom switch. The fan should then stop. 

This presumes your system was working properly before and something has changed?

I suppose it’s possible that a relay could have failed in the ‘on’ position but that seems less likely. 


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> On Dec 23, 2017, at 15:32, Mike & Elizabeth Thomas <mbefthomas at comcast.net> wrote:
> Have the same setup (Fluidyne rad).  The let side fan now comes on as soon as I turn on the ignition.  Likely the temp sender had failed (?) or a relay (?).  By knowing it's the left side fan, does that tell me if that's the lower or higher temp switch?
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> I have a Fluidyne aluminum radiator and I'm looking for plugs for the temp fitting bungs.  I don't need the thermostatic switches, but I'd install the switches if I can't find plugs.
> 1. Does anyone know where to get some plugs for this, the size/thread of the bung, and if the bungs are tapered?
> 2. What are the thermostatic sensor switch part numbers?
> Corey
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