[DeTomaso] 2018 Fun Rally

Effie Richards erichards at zogob.sdcoxmail.com
Wed Dec 6 16:23:48 EST 2017

There could only be one answer: 

Only POCA knows!.....  And its groupies!....

POCA has been very secretive in the last few years and does not respect its
members enough to let them know anything till very late because they may not
care if we can attend, as long as their "groupies" who are told in advance
know about it.
There could not be any other reason, or they would have at least sent an
email to their members at least letting them know they are working on this,
possible dates, possible venue, etc.
If it was not for the beautiful color photo of cars in the Profiles, (thank
you Michael Shortt), I would not have renewed Robert's membership.

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Does ANYONE know where the 2018 Fun Rally is being held and during which
Does anyone know why it is taking so long to make the decision?


Marshall Smith
President, San Diego Panteras

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