[DeTomaso] Flood Salvage '74 Pantera up for auction in Louisiana

Larry - Ohio Time Larry at OhioTimeCorp.com
Wed Oct 19 09:22:04 EDT 2016

<< Went to court stinking>>

But did he win the case??  I could be a swamp water supplier for them!

The foam cover on my hot tub (you think I didn't have one?) got water
saturated and went from 100 pounds to 300 pounds. Laying it out in the
summer sun did little to help. I built a box frame out of PVC piping,
covered it on all 4 sides with plastic. Place the foam with a dehumidifier
inside the box with the hose running out. In only a few days the foam was
back to 100 pounds.

I would restore the right flooded car if it was the right price. 

Larry (hmmm 911) - Cleveland

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My customer of 35 years pulled and got going a XK 120 that was 11' under
Katrina water for weeks years back.
Not a hard job to do.
One day four months later in a hurry to go and represent his client in
court, he felt chipper and 
popped the clutch on a cool November morning for a fun and quick get away.
He forgot about the long steering shaft tube, maybe 4' x 4" which runs from
steering wheel to gearbox, could possible hold alot of water.
Well it did and it released stinky ass swamp water onto his crotch, lower
body and fine suit.
Went to court stinking and now drives off slowly.
No more quick starts.
Jeff Cobb- I pad

On Oct 18, 2016, at 7:26 AM, bill gaino <gaino at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I recovered a flood Karman Ghia after Hugo out of Charlston and the engine
and trans were packed with sand. I thought I was just gonna change the oil.
Both had to be replaced.  Bill RUN 1362

> If you want it slick.  www.slickpaint.com  like us on facebook
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>>  Kinda awesome that someone would take this car on.  It'd be just
>>  heartbreaking to see any Pantera enter the crusher whole and complete
>>  like this.
>>  Not knowing much about water damage, and assuming this car is a total
>>  restoration project--  is it possible that a unibody flooded like this
>>  would still be usable having spent (at least some of) it's life in
>>  Baton Rouge?
>>  If not, could the car actually bring upwards of $28K if it were parted
>>  out?  Scratching my head here....
>>  I guess I'm trying to figure what could be motivating these bidders.
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>>  On October 16, 2016 at 6:59 PM, "Chuck and Linda Huber"
>>  <lindahuber at cox.net> wrote:
>>    Hereas a terrible onea|.
>>    Amazing itas up to $24K. If it really got flooded (esp. with salt
>>    water) it will be a tough one to save.
>>    Chuck
>>    Thanks, Dave a
>>    I think Iall pass on this one.
>>    1974 Pantera Pantera Copart Lot # 33420976
>>    [1]http://www.autobidmaster.com/carfinder-online-auto-auctions/lot/3
>>    N_ROUGE_LA/
>> References
>>  1.
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