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Nathan Giles nathan.giles at ex3.com
Wed Mar 16 19:48:13 EDT 2016

Change is good!

Nathan Giles

> On Mar 16, 2016, at 16:39, Michael Shortt <michaelsavga at gmail.com> wrote:
>   Greetings,
>   As some of you have experienced, we tested the new website today.
>   while much of it worked great ( the public accessible sections) , some,
>   if not most of the backend features did not work
>   as planned.
>   The only way to tell was to do it and see what happened, now we know.
>   The right people are now involved and working to correct the issues.
>   There will be hard changes, the old forum archives will be available
>   only by a link to the old records.
>   the new forum is not done the same and the old information can not be
>   moved over.
>   The capabilities of the new forum will make it worth the change, if for
>   no other reason than
>   security which was once again violated this month and had shut down 1/3
>   - 1/2 of the list.
>   I have spent two months asking for volunteers to help with the
>   transition, nobody stepped up,
>   now suddenly we seem to have a plethora of IT experts, where have you
>   been?
>   We still need help to learn the new system and I'd love to involve more
>   people
>   and assign them specific pages within the site to manage, this would
>   certainly be a better way
>   of doing it and reduce the work load on just a couple of people to do
>   everything.
>   To those who have complained, thanks for helping us find areas than
>   needed help.
>   If you complained and are not a POCA dues paying members in your own
>   name, A thanks
>   to you as well, it's always great to know who you are.
>   Lots of people are working hard as volunteers on your behalf, ZERO
>   tolerance will be givenA
>   to those trying to be rude and counterproductive to the success of this
>   club, we simply do not need you.
>   Far too many A BOD members and others have sweated, toiled, and worked
>   hard for years.
>   POCA has existed for over 35 years always put up with nastiness, Some
>   leaders and workers have justA
>   shut down and just not communicated with the membership at all because
>   frankly, doing nothing is a lot calmer. A
>   Let me cheerfully inform everyone that our attitude is to put the club
>   first,
>   to be customer service freindly and to make the POCA experience great
>   for everybody,
>   Rome wasn't built in a day, I doubt any Pantera was completed in a day
>   and I know these improvements will come
>   more slowly than we want.A  I also know that once they are released,
>   massaged and worked on, it will be a far better
>   website experience.
>   If that isn't good enough for some of you, renewal is always a choice.
>   We have new members coming in monthly who seem
>   to have a good attitude and who want to see us progress into a brighter
>   future.
>   Michael Shortt
>   --
>   Michael L. Shortt
>   Savannah, Georgia
>   [1]www.michaelshortt.com
>   [2]michael at michaelshortt.com
>   912-232-9390
>   A
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>   Act, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 2510-2521, is confidential and may be legally
>   privileged.A  If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby
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>   that any retention, dissemination, distribution or copying of this
>   communication is strictly prohibited.A  Please reply to the sender that
>   you
>   have received this message in error, then delete it.A  Thank you
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>   1. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
>   2. mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com
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