[DeTomaso] New GR-4 & GR-5 wheels

Julian Kift julian_kift at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 18 12:37:05 EDT 2011

I think you'll find Cesare doesn't particpate on this forum, the previous postings have been list members posting personal correspondence directly with Cesare.
I have had some correspondence with Cesare and pasted below is a response from Mar 14 (edited a little for English); I believe Cesare has asked Mike Drew to be point contact for a group buy, I don't care who it is but as a group we might want to channel communication through one individual point forward. At this point it is also difficult to distingush who has real intent of purchasing wheels? Can we add you to the "potential buyers" list?
On pricing bear in mind a used set of 30 yr old 10x15 and 13x15 10 spokes are fetching $6500+ and they have zero guarantee of integrity.
Cesare's e-mail of Mar 14;
Dear Julian,
In the next 3 weeks I'm trying to collect the order and for sure I inform You  (I inform MIKE DREW and peoples who Join De Tomaso Clubs  ) to get a minimum quantity to be able to make a discount as I offer to a customer who buy alone ( all the costs that I save for making some quantity I turn as discount on wheels) .
Prices are for one wheel;
1.468,00€ for one 10 x 15 front
1.680,00 for one 14 x 15 rear
Magnesium Stratos wheel replica in Magnesium are sold at 1.300€ in 8 x 15 !
These price come from the specification of mould who Campagnolo made as produce racing product with the best mechanical characteristics .
For cast the 14 we use near 350 Kg of Sand (not usable again) who cost 0,80€ Kg for buy it and collect from specialized company who clean the sand )
That we make 100% of checking wheels :
Casting with 28 hours of Heat Treatment 
Inspection by liquid penetrant and X-Ray on the Casting
CNC machining as Original Drawing spec
Inspection Again with liquid penetrant and X-ray
Surface treatement for avoid corrosion 
Last painting (who I suggest to customers to make themselfes who can do that for paint in their favourite color code) also because this cost it's near 25/30€ each and easy to make.
I will be contact also from Porsche Owners of Racing cars who like to buy BBS (who we cast from 20 Years magnesium ones) and the will be happy also to have Gr4 wheels , many of that make Historical Championscip and use a lot of wheels and want to buy with cheaper prices .
I know who 1.468€ and 1.680€ cannot be considerate from the buyer a cheaper prices and I know where they can found cheaper wheels , but for me sell wheels it's very important but not soo important to make a cheaper price because if I do that or I'm Crazy and lose money on every wheel who I sell or I doesn't follow what I must do for be quiet who I do everyting's who I can for the quality of wheels and theyr safety !
Someone ask also to have a HOMOLOGATION and I know who from an Owner that would be good to have, I say about that who costs are very big , and in the last 20 years TUV, DEKRA or other doesen't homologate any Magnesium wheels , only manufacturers such as Ferrari do that and because I work also for them I know how they receive these homologation !
Someone told me if cast in USA wheels will be $500/$600 cost finished or can to go to cast in Czeck Republic ........that means go to people who have military know how but no Racing or Wheel experiences ..........! I will be happy if this info comes to all De Tomaso Owners , I can't move from Italy , if someone can be able to have wheels at these prices I will be Happy. I can sell him all Original Campagnolo Mould and Drawing and giving also wheels 3D Cad draw. I buy the mould because if not they are cut up and thrown on the scrap and lost !
Dear Julian I want to write all that for give more information that I can, here they have not only specification and instruction for maintenance of Magnesium Wheels who I will be my pleasure to give to all ! We produce 1000 wheels every years in ISO 9001 certification for Motorsport ( Motorbikes and Car ) Forged and gravity sand casted !

Ciao Julian sorry for my long E-mail !!!
I love all De Tomaso cars and if someone of Clubs can be made wheels as someone tell for 500/600$ , I sell him my DT mould !
All The Best
Cesare Magistrali

> From: JDeRyke at aol.com
> Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 03:58:17 -0400
> To: detomaso at realbig.com
> Subject: [DeTomaso] New GR-4 & GR-5 wheels
> Cesare, due to the confusion to date, I’ve been asked to post a few open 
> questions on your upcoming reproduction ‘Campy’ wheels for DeTomasos:
> * First, are they made in aluminum, magnesium or both? 
> If they’re of magnesium, in what alloy and to what heat-treat?
> * Are the wheels fully finished - chromate coated and painted as the 
> originals were?
> * What is the weight of a finished 10” x 15” wheel?
> * What is the weight of a finished 14” x 15” wheel?
> * Are these wheels being tested or certified by any organization such as 
> the U.S. SAE or German TUV, to avoid lawsuits if there’s a failure-with-damage 
> or injury? One way that other manufacturers have done in the U.S. is to 
> mark “For Racing or Off-Road Use Only” on each wheel. But that makes using 
> them on the street something of a problem for our personal auto insurance. 
> * Also, is there any guarantee?
> * What is the price (including shipping costs) for a single wheel (either 
> size)?
> * What is the price (including shipping costs) for a set of two 10” x 15s 
> and two 14” x 15”s?
> * Finally, how will they be shipped? 
> * Any estimate of shipping times from Europe to some central collection 
> area? I assume you will be using a U.S representative somewhere in the country 
> to take care of receiving, storage, import duties, shipping-damage claims 
> etc. 
> * Will you accept payment in dollars or must we use another country’s 
> currency? I've done business with the Swedish DeTomaso members, and paying in 
> Kronar (for example) was inconvenient and conversion & wire-transfer fees were 
> expensive.
> Thanks- J DeRyke, POCA Tech Editor
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