[DeTomaso] NPC - CA vehicle code question

Jar Von Ritter flashbangpop at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 17 14:32:00 EST 2011

Road signage is not necessary for radar/laser tickets to be prosecutable.  The 
signs are there as a "courteous reminder" only.

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Subject: [DeTomaso] NPC - CA vehicle code question


On occasion I see a roadside sign that states, more or less, 

"Speed enforced by Radar" 

Sometimes with the addition of "County wide".

I believe this is a required notice for radar-based speeding tickets to be 
legal and enforceable.

Am I correct in this belief or have I incorrectly gained this idea? Does anyone 
know the vehicle code/law section this is outlined in?

Additionally, I'm wondering if this is in fact CA law, has it been updated to 
include laser-based enforcement?

My Valentine V-1 works fine for radar but once it picks up laser, it will 
probably be too late. Too fine a beam and not enough scatter.

I'm wondering if the notification law (if in fact it even exists) has not been 
updated to include laser,
if that could be a defense against a laser-based citation?

Larry - not a real concern yet - but based on my history.......  ;-)


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