[DeTomaso] Pantera Parts Weights

John Taphorn jtaphorn at kingwoodcable.com
Thu Jan 6 21:39:09 EST 2011

I believe Goran has the weight listed of several parts he has interchanged 
on his car on his web site.

Although, a conversion to pounds/oz may be required for us ameri- centric 

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> In a message dated 1/6/11 1:19:00 PM, lashdeep at yahoo.com writes:
>> I'd like to know (for a GT5) what the wrinkled leather seats, the Delta
>> wing and the US spec (big, rubber "L" or Amerisport) front bumper weighs.
> To my knowlege, there is no published list of parts weights beyond what
> I've done. I've spent 20 years removing weight from every part of our 
> street
> Pantera, but unfortunately for you, I started with a '72 'L' narrow body. 
> The
> rubber front bumper off that car weighed 26 lbs, the one-piece steel L 
> rear
> bumper weighed 12 lbs while the 4 steel & rubber bumper rams collectively
> weigh 26 lbs, to total 64 lbs plus the weight of all the bolts. Dunno on 
> the
> seats or the wing, or if the Amerisport parts are different enough to 
> weigh
> more or less. Good question for Kirk Evans who still runs Amerisport. Good
> luck- J DeRyke
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