[DeTomaso] Window motor replacement recommendations

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As you will be aware from the Taurus or Aerostar motors upgrade write ups, considerable cutting and modification to you window regulators is required. There are two versions of the Taurus upgrade out there one orients the motors at 90 degrees to oem and makes the unit more compact IMO, plus you don't have to cut out the original motor mounts. Even then I'm not sure it would be a straightforward swap back. The Vadar is a complete bolt in replacement and you can store your oem regulators on the shelf or sell them to someone who did the conversion and wants to revert back.
My question (not targeting you specifically) is why do people doing conversions of any type appear to have a concern for the original equipment, what is the deal with being able to return to stock one day and how likely is that to ever happen? If it is at all likely then I'd say leave the windows and everything else alone, suffer the nuances and drive it the way it was built.
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> Subject: [DeTomaso] Window motor replacement recommendations
> I’m starting to look at the easiest path to replacing my window motors and have reviewed many posts to the forum and some of the info on Taurus and Aerostar motors with instructions provided on websites like panteraplace and spacecitypantera (thanks to those who took the time to provide those). Also found the Vadar replacements. Couldn’t find any videos of the replacements people have done but perhaps there are some out there.
> The Vader are a bit pricey but may be the easiest?? For those that have replaced theirs I was wanting to inquire as to the degree of modification needed for the Taurus or Aerostar. I’m assuming I can acquire either and would want to have the least amount of “reengineering” of the original equipment.
> Thanks in advance for any recommendations. 
> Jim
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