[DeTomaso] another radiator question

Christopher Kimball chrisvkimball at msn.com
Thu Feb 17 00:36:18 EST 2011

Well, they think they finally have the radiator fixed.  While it was at the shop I asked them to put a spigot on the top air-bleed attachment so I could attach a hose to it for easier bleeding and open and close it by hand (besides, the original had cracked).
They put on a spigot, but when I got the radiator home, the spigot stuck out too far and hit the headlight raising/lowering bar.  I removed the spigot and am thinking about getting a right angle threaded piece to which I can attach a hose which I can use when bleeding to direct the flow of coolant into a jar instead of all over the radiator, floor, etc.  I said all that to ask this:
Can I use fuel line hose or fuel injection line hose, or will the pressure from the system be too much for it?  The length of the hose will probably be about two feet, and I was planning on putting a spigot attachment on the opposite end of it from the radiator.

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