[DeTomaso] DeTomaso Digest, Vol 79, Issue 14-Smooth engine bay

RCBSONS1 at aol.com RCBSONS1 at aol.com
Mon Feb 14 12:21:44 EST 2011

I had my engine bay filled with bondo 6 years back
It held up on the track with the slight flexing but
I have cracked it in a couple of places with rocks
coming up.. might do that with or without bondo
Sticky tires on the track at higher speeds
I started to autocross the car and could see too
many things trying to pull apart and fine cracks starting
so I stopped the crossing 
I had the engine bay cleaned up and tweaked when the 
car was painted two 1/2 years back and all was fine
until the Reno event... The end of the Back staight has
a big bump you hit at 100mph and it sent a small crack
in the lower side
If you want to drive around and go easy then I think you
will be fine... start twisting her up and putting the power 
down with sticky tires and I think it will crack
I have a full cage, chassis braces, pinned deck
and things still seem to want to move around back there
My experince ..Bob Benson #3 black pantera

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