[DeTomaso] Anyone with Experience with Evans NPG Propylene glycol Coolant

Dave Londry davel at emspace.com
Sun Feb 13 23:54:16 EST 2011

These guys are the only technical body who care, that I could find.
Maybe you can take alook through their site.


On 2/13/2011 8:12 PM, Ken Green wrote:
> I have been reading the Evans web site and a lot of posts on different forums.  It sounds like because of it's high boiling temperature it does reduce detonation and keeps the cooling system like new, but also operates at a higher temperature because it has a lower specific heat than water. 
> There are a lot of positive comments from users, and a few hand waving negative comments that appear to lack many facts.  It looks like the engine can be as cool or cooler than one using a water mix and at the same time the coolant can be hotter coming out of the engine because of the lower specific heat.
> Specifically, has anyone measured the temperatures of the block/heads, the coolant leaving the engine, and the coolant entering the engine?  I am assuming that there has to be a much larger difference between the coolant entering and leaving than with water to remove the same about of heat from the engine.
> I've been reading the HPBooks "Engine cooling Systems" by Ray Bohacz and he loves the Evans product.
> Ken
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