[DeTomaso] Washington Push Button

Mike Thomas mbefthomas at comcast.net
Thu Feb 10 22:33:39 EST 2011

I've not seen this car since I've been in the Pantera community (since
2001), so either he's fallen off the radar or sold the car.  Doug Braun has
a pretty extensive list of owners, so we'll take a look and see what we find
for a trace.

Mike Thomas
VP, Panteras Northwest 

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Back in 1997, Jim, of Washington state, brought his push button to the
Concorso Italiano.


It's a yellow PB, with single slot wheels, (Type -2 ZF), etc.


Well go take a look yourself:






Who is Jim?

Does anyone know the VIN?

Where is this car now?


Chuck Melton

(The DeTomaso Registry Guy)


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