[DeTomaso] Mr. Spock

detomasoregistry at gmail.com detomasoregistry at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 23:07:55 EST 2011

Dear Mr. Pantera Detective,

                   Where do you get these mystery pictures of mystery
Panteras with mystery people and mysterious stories to regale us with on the
Forum??    I am amazed.   

                         Curious,  Chuck Engles

OK Dr. Engles (CMO of PRI),

I've give you a test.  It will start easy... and keep to the 1997 date theme.

First we have Mr. Spock, and his yellow EFI-powered car.
Note the 17" (or greater) wheels, Campy Clones... in argent silver.
Now this was back in 1997, so the number of people (cars) with 17" campy
clones is limited, and someone painting them silver is rare.  Throw in the EFI...

You KNOW this car.


So name the owner or car VIN!


I believe you were at the Concorso Italiano, yes?

I may even have a photo of you there long ago.

The other Chuck...

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