[DeTomaso] ZF trick techno question

cengles at cox.net cengles at cox.net
Wed Feb 2 12:05:30 EST 2011

Dear Forum,

Given all the snowed-in and frozen-in talent as well as those in more pleasant locales that would rather patronize the Forum than do actual job duties, I thought I would see if someone could help with a ZF question.

I have to replace the speedo drive gear. I have pulled the sleeve and the old broken gear out without problems. I have made two or three unsuccessful attempts to replace the new assembly. Obviously, the problem is keeping the gear and/or sleeve + gear from a slow sickening slide into the bowels of the ZF. The task seems to be to control the assembly with one hand or pliars while using the left hand to secure the locking bolt into the hole in the sleeve and the groove on the gear. It is certainly awkward and access is not great. Does anyone have a clever idea of how to hang onto the gear+assembly securely and easily to permit the requisite time to fiddle and futz to get the locking bolt set just right? I am afraid it is just a PITA task dependent on holding your tongue just right plus some luck. Bright ideas ZF experts??

Above freezing in the garage, Chuck Engles

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