[DeTomaso] Another inquiry......... talk to me about car titles please.

Dee Hart qqpursuit at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 15:21:07 EDT 2010

This what I think I know................OK a guy in Jersey buys a pantera
from (Pro Auto sales) Penn.   The Jersey guy puts it in the garage and never
registers or Titles the car in the Jersey guys name.  Now the Jersey guy
wants to sell it.     An out of state buyer comes a long and would probably
want to buy the car but would prefer to finance the car.  The finance
company says no, because the car is not Currently titled.        Is that
customary for a finance company to make that requirement?   Does the out
of state buyer simply get a copy of the title that I guess would be in Pro
Auto Sales name and show it to the Finance company?             Or maybe the
out of state buyer simply gets a home equity loan and goes that route, and
screw that finance company?

Curious.................... Doug.H

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