[DeTomaso] NPC: 10K Convertible Wanted

Daniel C Jones daniel.c.jones2 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 11:51:17 EDT 2010

> granted I'm biased, but I love my Sunbeam Tiger...they have
> a similar following to the Pantera crowd and the whole "European
> coachwork with ford motor" theme...definitely holding their value
> or increasing. Don't know if that classifies as entry level, they
> can be kinda pricey sometimes

A cheaper alternative to the Tiger is the Triumph TR8.
Aluminum Buick/Rover V8 with 5 speed.  Very nice examples
can be found for under $10K.  The standard engine was a
low compression 3.5L but plenty of performance parts are
available and the Rover versions were available in up to
4.6L displacements.  I'll be building one that's nearly
5 liters and still only 300 pounds.  On the down side,
some of the color combinations were questionable in
that funky early '80's way.

Dan Jones

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