[DeTomaso] Dropped Pans?

fresnofinches at aol.com fresnofinches at aol.com
Mon Jul 5 14:10:16 EDT 2010

Asa wrote:

I can imagine using a thin strap of metal bolted to the seat
and then bolted to the pan but there isn't a lot of clearance
fore-aft to do that.

In the case of 2511, this is what Quella did.

The stock sliders on the Recaro seats had two 1/8" steel straps, about 2" wide,
and long enough to stretch L to R to the two sliders, welded to them. 

These were positioned so that they were above the stock seat mount floor nuts.

Then four studs were welded to the new straps, positioned so the studs fell through the
four stock seat mount threaded holes; this means the center-to-center separation of the sliders
does not need to duplicate the stock dimensions. Thus the entire seat/slider assembly is installed and
removed with the removal of four nuts on the bottom on the car. The Recaro sliders are still functional.

The new studs in my case are sized to fit through the stock threaded floor nuts which
are still in place. The floor nuts could be drilled out to allow the use of larger diameter studs.





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