[DeTomaso] windshield dilema

John Buckman jb841 at cox.net
Thu Jul 1 17:08:08 EDT 2010

If the only thing that has changed is the gasket, then I would check is against
the old one, if you still have it.


On Jul 1, 2010, at 12:34 PM, LEVITT1946 at aol.com wrote:

> Hello Friends,
> First ....Happy July 4th
> The Gumball Pantera is nearing completion of the restoration. Today the  
> body shop called me that the Windshield would not fit back into the frame that 
> it was pulled from in the first place .This is the original windshield. 
> Only  piece that is different is the new rubber gasket. The body shop called 
> that two  experienced glass men tried to install the windshield .Each time 
> they put the  passenger side of the windshield in place on the driver side it 
> was near  impossible to push in and they were afraid of breaking the 
> windshield.Then they  tried to install by putting the windshield in from the driver 
> side. They became  frustrated and afraid that the windshield was going to 
> break under the  installation pressure . WHAT ARE THEY DOING WRONG?  
> Bob Levitt
> Team Pantera Racing #3196
> Gumball3000 #56   
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