[DeTomaso] windshield dilema

Barry Seib oldwheel at mts.net
Thu Jul 1 16:01:43 EDT 2010

Sorry to hear about your windshield troubles Bob.
Who supplied the new gasket?
Some new parts are not like old parts.
Is the old gasket still around? usable?


Hello Friends,

First ....Happy July 4th

The Gumball Pantera is nearing completion of the restoration. Today the
body shop called me that the Windshield would not fit back into the frame
 it was pulled from in the first place .This is the original windshield.
Only  piece that is different is the new rubber gasket. The body shop called
that two  experienced glass men tried to install the windshield .Each time
they put the  passenger side of the windshield in place on the driver side
was near  impossible to push in and they were afraid of breaking the
windshield.Then they  tried to install by putting the windshield in from the
side. They became  frustrated and afraid that the windshield was going to
break under the  installation pressure . WHAT ARE THEY DOING WRONG?

Bob Levitt
Team Pantera Racing #3196
Gumball3000 #56

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