[DeTomaso] Exhaust port tongues

Tomas Gunnarsson guson at home.se
Fri Jun 19 17:56:19 EDT 2009


To me it looks like it would create an anti-forward step on the intake side which would be undesirable in my mind.


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> In a message dated 6/19/09 2:27:13 AM, guson at home.se writes:
>> How does one make the intake manifold and header match the new reduced 
>> ports? By porting a 2V intake manifold? With an unaltered 4V intake manifold 
>> there will be a terrible "bump" against the port plate.
> Tomas, I've never personally run a set, but people tell me the port 
> mismatch after adding port-plates acts like an anti-reversion step- for which we 
> normally pay extra. FWIW- J Deryke
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