[DeTomaso] Tale of Two Caps

cengles at cox.net cengles at cox.net
Mon Jun 23 10:27:34 EDT 2008

Dear Myron,

The plain ol' cap goes on the overflow tank, which should be the most lateral and slightly forward of your two tanks.

The other cap which should resemble, even in Italian, a normal radiator type cap should go on the supply tank which is the one closest to the engine and slightly aft of the overflow tank.

Good luck and good capping, Chuck Engles

---- Myron Zadony <MZadony at fleetresponse.com> wrote:
>Hi All,
>It's me again. Two tanks & two different caps. One looks like a pressure radiator cap, but it's not pressurized, just a cap. The other cap is a square pressurized cap with Italian writing on it. WHICH CAP GOES WHERE ? Little tank with radiator hose attached & Large tank (over flow ) . Thanks again. Myron.
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