[DeTomaso] Clutch Pressure plate rebuilding

Dick Koch arkoch at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 19 21:24:07 EDT 2008

Chuck, I ran the RAM clutch and pressure plate they recommended for my 
engine configuration and power output..  When I tore it up (my fault for 
not installing it correctly) ), they rebuilt the pressure plate and 
clutch for half of what a new set cost and it came back as "new" and 
performed great. Worked fine until I didn't watch the free play on the 
slave cylinder and spun it out. 

I have never used a clutch rebuild shop and am not able to comment on 
the quality of their work.  However, I do know that by using RAM, if I 
have a problem they will repair it to "as new" at about half the price 
(did not include shipping).  I assume the other major manufacturers 
would do the same.

With all that said and done, it certainly is easier to just go buy a new 

Dick Koch - Atlanta

cengles at cox.net wrote:
> Dear Guys,
> Thanks for the short course on clutch and pressure plate rebuilding. I think I will stick with the old method of paying up for a new clutch and pressure plate the next time the problem comes up.
> Warmest regards, Chuck Engles
> ---- JDeRyke at aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 6/19/08 7:56:19 AM, cengles at cox.net writes:
>>> Can someone explain rebuilding pressure plates and clutches to me?
>> I've only seen it done once eons ago, at Bay City Friction in San Jose.
>> Pressure plates are rivited together and the rebuilder cuts the rivits and replaces
>> all the worn parts. The holding power of a pressure plate is in its springs-
>> whether its a stack of coil springs or a belleville spring as used in a
>> diaphragm pressure plate. The inherent value of a rebuilder is in the choice of
>> parts and the possibility of custom work available. A stock Pantera pressure plate
>> has around 1800 lbs force and 'racing' units are 2600 lbs and up, I think.
>> Custom covers are available that deflect less with heavy springs. Lightweight
>> aluminum covers and steel-sprayed aluminum pressure plate surfaces are used in
>> certain racing classes, but you won't find these at Pep Boyz! Plus, in a
>> Pantera, the Long type lever arms cannot have bob-weights on them as moving levers
>> will hit the inside of our bellhousing when the engine's running. There are 4
>> different Long clutch levers and only one type will fit, so Pantera
>> clutch-lever arms must be re-used or new ones modified to fit. Its also possible to have
>> a hybrid pressure plate built up using stock Long clutch parts with Borg &
>> Beck arms (used in Chryslers) that have roller bearings in their pivots for less
>> pedal effort and more even cover force with the same holding power. Lots of
>> possibilities and likely some new ones I never heard of, but not cheap. HP books
>> used to publish Tom Monroe's 'Clutch and Flywheel Handbook' thats good
>> reading, too. FWIW- J DeRyke
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