[DeTomaso] Damper installation and CV Products pulleys etc. Questions

Daniel C Jones daniel.c.jones2 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 15:49:27 EDT 2008

Cleveland cranks have a "snout ring" ahead of the #1 main, to space the
lower sprocket out to clear the journal.  Windsors have a collar on the back
of the sprocket and are machined flat ahead of the journal.  Assuming the
Bryant crank has a Windsor snout, you'll need the FRPP snout spacer (part
number M-19009-A341C, required with 351 SVO crankshaft when used in production
iron 351C engine).  The spacer is not a press-fit and you can push it on by
hand.  Also, the Fontana uses a 351W timing chain but a 351C cam.

Dan Jones

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