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In a message dated 1/7/08 1:49:24 PM, justingreisberg at hotmail.com writes:
> But if you use 90 degree metal elbows, which I can find in aluminum and 
> stainless steel, how do you put a bead on the end so the hose seals and does not 
> come off?  Trying to put the hose on without a bead seems a mistake to me.
Maybe, but the copper fittings are very smooth, and once the 
slightly-undersized hoses are on them and the clamps are tight, the rubber seems to semi-bond 
itself on. In 15 yrs & 20.000 miles of mostly street and some track events, 
I've not had a hose slip or even leak. For worriers though, its possible to add 
a ring of solder onto each fitting end that will act as a bead. Cheers- J 

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