[DeTomaso] 351c oil filter

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Fram HP-1 (made in USA) is also a "high performance" filter.  It is
available at virtually all auto parts stores including even Wal*mart for
about $8.

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> Anybody have the Motorcraft part # for the Pantera's oil filter? Please
> don't tell me to go to the Motorcraft site - it doesn't go back that far.

The standard Motorcraft filter is the FL-1.   That is used on virtually all 
Fords since the Model T! (HAH!)

However, if you are driving your car in a performance kinda way, you are
better off with the much higher-quality Motorcraft FL1-HP (High
  It has a substantially stronger case among other things.   They are 
available from Ford dealers for about $13-16 a pop, or from Summit.


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