[DeTomaso] Books, manuals and pamphlets, oh my!

Mark McWhinney msm at portata.com
Tue Sep 4 12:59:58 EDT 2007

Ditto for everything Mike said plus my recommendation to get the "works"
Deal #3.  It's good quality.  The electrical diagrams are indispensable.

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> Also, if originals still exist, who has them? If not, are all the
> reproductions about the same...or are some better than others?


The POCA club store has everything you need; you can buy them individually, 
but it's really a better idea to just get 'the works plus' which is the
package.   It includes the shop manual, all 14 technical service bulletins, 
service technicians manual, DeTomaso parts book, Ford parts book, and wiring

diagrams (both the Ford diagrams, and Bill Taylor's excellent

A nice extra feature is getting everything packaged on CD-ROM; that lets you

travel light.   If you're on the road and something goes BANG, all you have
do is fire up your computer (because you always travel with a laptop right?)

and everything is right there at your fingertips.

Actually, all of the aforementioned items might not be included in the paper

version; I don't remember if POCA is actually physically printing the De 
Tomaso parts book, but it is on the CD ROM (and widely available from the

Point your browser at www.panteraclub.com and go to the club store section.

Or, e-mail Asa Jay at AsaJay at asajay.com and he'll hook you up. :>)

FWIW I vastly prefer having the paper copies, as it's much easier to use.   
But if I'm going to be getting grubby in the garage, I will print the
pages from the CD ROM so my original documents stay pristine. :>)


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