[DeTomaso] New Year, New ORR ... New Belts

Mark McWhinney msm at portata.com
Tue Feb 20 18:05:47 EST 2007

I have a rotary cam lock with a simple round knob for my 6-point harness.
It is pretty much idiot-proof to release but won't come open accidentally.
You just grab it and twist it like you would do when taking a lid off a jar.


(As with any snap-in latch, you want to give it a test tug to be sure that
it is really seated whenever you buckle up.)

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At last year's ORR my shoulder straps were rejected because they were
2.5" not the 3" required.

I'm looking at new belts this year and want any feedback on the
"camlock" system used in the newer belts. My "duckbill" and "latch"
system sticks and I would hate to be in the car on fire when this

There are apparently three different "cam locks", the "lever flip",
the "knob", and the "lever rotating" kind.


Which is best?

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