[DeTomaso] New/old owner with tire/wheel questions.

Will Kooiman will.kooiman at gmail.com
Tue May 24 10:21:53 EDT 2022

Hi Jeff,

If I recall correctly, the Coddington wheels use normal Pantera center caps - with the clips.  It should be easy enough to remove one and verify.  I'll check mine when I get a chance to go to the garage.  Working from home today.

I did the same thing - but I didn't sell my Pantera to buy a Gen-2 Viper.  I now have both - and feel lucky every day.

I'm about to buy new tires for mine.  They have plenty of tread, but they're not holding air anymore, and they are hard as rocks.

I use 32psi or at least in that range.


On 5/23/22, 3:34 PM, "DeTomaso on behalf of Jeff Udelson via DeTomaso" <detomaso-bounces at server.detomasolist.com on behalf of detomaso at server.detomasolist.com> wrote:

       3 years ago, I mistakenly sold my 72 after 25 years of ownership.
       Bought a bucket list car, a first Gen Viper. Very nice car but not a
       Pantera. Happy to say that I just bought another early 72. It has
       Coddington 17s shod with Pirelli P Zeros. 345/40/17 a 335/35/17. My
       first experience with 17s on a Pantera. What is the consensus on tire
       pressure for just normal street usage? Also, it has the Coddington
       center caps which I assume are bolted from the inside. Will the
       DeTomaso logo centers available from all of the venders that are held
       in by the circle clip work with these wheels? And if so, how are you
       retaining them?



       Happy again in Atlanta with #2371

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