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Good to hear experience with transaxle
That Carriage House is looking Great!
If progress continues hope to see similar pic with cars  coming out!

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Our transaxle is back from Pantera Performance and reinstalled in the car.
We have a reverse gear again!!!  Previously I had Dennis trade out the 0.705
5th gear set for a 0.62 set.  The 0.62 set whined quite a bit, as did 4th,
but to a lesser extent.  This time I had Dennis replace the 4.22 ring gear
and pinion with a 3.77 set.  Dennis also sent off the 0.62 5th gear set to
have them REM polished.  If you haven’t heard of REM – to quote a site:
“Traditional, abrasive-only mass finishing technologies suffer from long
cycle times, higher final surface roughnesses, and increased geometric
alterations to parts with defined geometries and micro-geometries, such as
gears, bearings, and airfoils.  REM’s chemically accelerated technology
eliminates these drawbacks, allowing reduce cycle times and low roughness
surface finishes (Ra<0.1 µm/4 µin or lower).” 


To which I had to say, well, hope it does some good.


Just got back from an 40 mile test drive.  The answer is wow.  The transaxle
is totally quiet.  No whine in 4th or 5th.  As in amazing.  Not sure if it
was ring gear/pinion noise from the original 4.22 or what, but now 4th and
5th are totally quiet.  


When we bought the car 70 mph was what, 2,600 rpm?  Now, 2,050.  We also
switched out to a diaphragm pressure plate, which required we switch from a
1” slave cylinder to a 15/16”.  Now to get the clutch faces broken in to
reduce the requited clutch throw.  But, even the  40 mile drive resulted in
less required pedal travel.  


Bottom line – it is hard to believe how well as sorted Pantera drives.  It
is an OMG experience.


And the garage is progressing!!!




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