[DeTomaso] Anyone a subscriber to Hot Rod or R&T magazine?

Chuck and Linda Huber lindahuber at cox.net
Sun Dec 13 12:08:12 EST 2020

I received a text from a friend saying this month's Road and Track had an
article that discussed historical Pantera Owners?  True?

If so, I would be keen to see that article, to match it up with my list of
famous owners.

Let me know at least which issue, and if it's worth reading!

Thanks -


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Dear Forum,


               I am told that Hot Rod magazine had a three article series
about repairing or rescuing a Cleveland engine in the March, May and July
2020 issues.    I would be keen to have copy of those articles.  If you have
those issues and you can scan or copy the articles, then please email me.


                        Warmest regards, Chuck Engles



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