[DeTomaso] Hurricane Dorian update

Joseph F. Byrd, Jr. byrdjf at embarqmail.com
Thu Sep 5 08:55:03 EDT 2019

Slooow moving.   The outer bands arriving with tornados all around.
now to ride out the next 36 hours

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I haven't heard anyone yet make the comparison, but this one sounds like it
could be more devastating than Hazel (1954).
I am not prepared

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To all my fellow coastal Southeast Pantera brethren, stay safe. If the storm
moves 15 miles farther west than predicted and 180 mph winds rake the East
Coast, God help us. I live on the St. John's river in Jacksonville and
Mathew, a Cat 4 did not directly hit us but pushed massive water from the
ocean into the river, flooded many neighbors and almost flooded us.  Please
stay safe and let this community know how you fare in the next few days.
If there is anything I can do from Jacksonville, please let me know.  I
expect to lose power but am prepared for the worse.


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