[DeTomaso] Proportioning valve before/after shuttle valve??

Mike Drew MikeLDrew at aol.com
Tue Nov 26 22:30:51 EST 2019


Since the Mustang rotors are too small to fit in the rear application with the stock rotor location, I hope you have custom brackets that space the caliper closer to the hub centerline?

You fail to include a critical piece of information. Superlite calipers come with many different piston sizes. A properly sized system doesn’t require any proportioning at all. The prop valve is a band-aid to cure an engineering goof (including the original factory pressure reduction valve which was necessary on the front circuit).

Is this an all-new system? If so you need to test it in a VERY safe place to see where your existing proportioning is. Depending on your situation, you may need to reduce pressure on the front circuit, rear circuit, or none at all. 

As to your specific question, the answer is obvious. The pressure needs to be equal on both sides of the shuttle valve in order for it to work properly. Any proportioning needs to be done downstream of the valve. 



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> On Nov 26, 2019, at 19:15, Larry Finch via DeTomaso <detomaso at server.detomasolist.com> wrote:
> All,
> Ford MC with separate 2psi RPV’s
> OEM proportioning valve removed
> Shuttle valve operational 
> Vented Mustang rotors all 4 corners
> Wilwood SuperLite II all 4 corners 
> 335x35/17” and 245x45/16”
> I think it is time to add an adjustable proportioning valve on the rear circuit. I believe that valve should be located after the shuttle valve and am seeking your collective wisdom for confirmation or rebuttal. 
> If installed before the shuttle valve I believe that would create a front /rear pressure difference within the shuttle valve and likely shift that valve’s internal piston. 
> Thoughts?
> Larry 
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