[DeTomaso] Interesting Robertshaw 333-180 thermostat design change

Will Kooiman will.kooiman at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 21:37:43 EST 2019

Hi Everyone,

I quickly found 3 brand new Robert Shaw thermostats in my stash.  I’m
sending them to the first 3 people that responded.

I may have more.  I will look through my storage boxes when I get a chance.

Btw, these are 180 degree.  Sadly, I had to look through a magnifying
glass to see the 180 mark.  Getting old sucks.

On a positive note, my new engine will go back in over Thanksgiving.  My
current 351C hydrolocked, due to a small hole in the head.  The new engine
uses a Dart 9.2 block, brand new A3 heads, and the same Webers as before.


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>Regarding Tim Meyer and his thermostat offering:
>His website states that his source for the original design version was
>the manufacturer that had been supplying Flowcooler.
>And as of today his website states he is out of stock on all temperature
>ratings and the restrictor plate with expected stock arriving in January
>This could get interesting. 😕
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