[DeTomaso] New California Exhaust Fine

marshall smith marshallgsmith at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 17 13:54:25 EST 2019

Hitlers reaction to California's new exhaust law.


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 Subject: [DeTomaso] New California Exhaust Fine
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 Date: Friday, January 11, 2019, 3:21 PM
    How loud is 95dB?
    [1]Three Ways To Beat
 California's Absurd New Exhaust Law
 Three Ways To Beat California's Absurd New Exhaust Law
    We offer three solutions to
 getting around California's crazy new
    exhaust law. Take our advice or
 pay the pr...
    Visible links
    1. https://www.streetmusclemag.com/news/3-ways-to-beat-californias-absurd-new-exhaust-law/
    Hidden links:
    3. https://www.streetmusclemag.com/news/3-ways-to-beat-californias-absurd-new-exhaust-law/
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