[DeTomaso] PI Forum changes

Larry Finch fresnofinches at aol.com
Sun Jan 13 16:58:04 EST 2019

Ken and all,

As Roland knows very well, one must always be cautious of what one posts to George’s PI forum, as he is known to take punitive actions for posts that are not violating the terms of service, but have nonetheless somehow ticked him off.  

I also was not pleased with the changes made and actually just ignored the forum for several weeks.

After a few weeks of absence I returned and came to terms with the new format. It actually seemed fairly easy; perhaps I just needed some time off for my “what-the-fuck-is-this” frustration level to diminish. 

The new format is at least much more user-friendly for the posting of photographs, which had always been a weak point in the old forum. 


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