[DeTomaso] Slow Day - Joke of the day!

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Fri Jan 11 17:11:09 EST 2019

Good one! And a great idea...joke day!

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 Subject: [DeTomaso] Slow Day - Joke of the day!
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 Date: Friday, January 11, 2019, 1:47 PM
    An man buys a Pantera and is really
 beginning to enjoy it when he sees
    flashing lights in the rear
 view mirror. He guns it and is rapidly up
    to 160mph when he realizes what
 he is doing. He slows down, then pulls
    over and soon the cop pulls up
 behind him.
    The cop comes up to the window
 and asks, aWhat were you thinking,
    taking off like that?a
    aWell,a the man replies after
 thinking about it for a bit, aa few years
    ago a highway patrol officer
 ran off with my wife.a
    aWhat does that have to do with
    aI thought you were bringing
 her back.a
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